Now is the time to release ourselves from the inhibitions and self-doubt that keep us isolated and rigid in our self-expression.

Now is the time to show up for ourselves, for each other, for women and other marginalized people.

As men deepening into consciousness, waking up more and more to the lies and failings of the dominant culture, we have a unique challenge and responsibility.

How can we be that man who is at once sensitive and self-aware, and able to bring our full unique gifts into the world?

It starts with ONE DECISION…

Making this work a priority in your life.

Then, take a step.

Come To An Event

Upcoming Events: Summer Sauna

July 7th 7-11pm

At Tryon Life Community Farm

Get a Masculinity Coach


Men’s or Masculinity Coaching can support you in moving through addiction, loss, and trauma, discover your wide range of emotional experience and expression, understand and integrate leadership grounded in mutual accountability and power sharing, navigate complexity and conflict, discover your gifts, passions, and life purpose, and build a community of love and support around you. Learn More

Join The Group

My Beloved Men is a Facebook group for Portland area guys and beyond who are doing powerful work to change their lives and build safer healthier communities. We share experiences, stories, resources and more. We learn about each other grow together and stay connected through this powerful important work. Join Now

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